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History of Kilmuir & Kilmaluag

The following is an example of some of the information on the history of Kilmuir and Kilmaluag that we would like to preserve and make available to the general public. If you have any information on the history of our area please send it in to the Trust and we will make it available on the website.

The Kilmuir Crofters' Revolt 1886. (Compiled by Alan and Calum Beaton)

In the autumn of 1886 the Kilmuir crofters found it very difficult to pay extortionate  rents to the landlord and what followed is given in this detailed account. 

These events are largely unknown except to local residents through local knowledge and like many crofting communities it is time to remember those who fought hard against oppression.

Perhaps this story will lead to a commemorative cairn being built where some of the action took place.

For information on the Kilmuir Crofters' revolt please click on

Crofters' Revolt.

This page will be updated further when the new Sub-Group dealing with Arts, Heritage and Culture is formed to look at and document the  history of the area

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