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KIlmuir CrofterS' Revolt

Throughout October and November of 1886 the crofters in Kilmuir were forced to take action into their own hands by refusing to pay the extortionate rents claimed by the landlord. In response the authorities brought in by sea a force of 250 marines and 50 policemen to serve summonses on the crofters. The events that then unfolded are related in the following reports:-

  • Timeline of events

  • Glasgow Herald special correspondent article 

  • Song composed by William Beaton about the imprisoned crofters

Timeline of events

Glasgow Herald Correspondent article on events as they happened.

Gaelic song (with English translation) written by William Beaton, one of the arrested crofters, mentioning all the crofters of Herbusta imprisoned initially in Portree Jail

When the last of the Herbusta crofters were released from prison this account of their release appeared in a paper at the time.

If you click on the link below you will hear an interview on Tobar an Dualchais with Donald Alick MacIntosh in 1988 talking in Gaelic about what happened to the crofters. After this you will hear Donald singing the song .

To hear the interview and song click here

The Kilmuir Community Trust is indebted to  Alan Beaton and his son Calum aged 9 , Primary 6  Plockton Primary School who also worked on this report as part of a school project. Alan's great grandfather, Donald Beaton, was one of the Herbusta crofters imprisoned for refusing to pay their rents. 

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