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Kilmuir Community Trust Membership



 Kilmuir         Community     Trust

 needs you

Important Information:

Please read the attached PDF document in order to select the correct type of membership. Kilmuir Community Trust membership requires that you are resident in the area currently covered by the Kilmuir Community Council boundaries ie from Totescore through to Balmacqueen.

As a guide you should be registered to vote at eg Local Government Elections at Kilmuir Polling Station while age 16 or over.

Friends of Kilmuir Membership is also available for those who are not resident within the boundaries but who support the organisation's objectives. The reason why there are two memberships is explained in the attached PDF document. 

You can register either be sending in the completed form in the attached  PDF document or you can register online having filled in all the relevent fields.

 Kilmuir Community Trust Online Membership Form
What Kind of Membership?
Would like to receive info from the Trust?
Are you 16 or over?

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