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Members' Page

Welcome to the Kilmuir Community Trust Members' Page.

The Kilmuir Community Trust was setup to make a difference primarily for the people of Kilmuir and Kilmaluag but also to look at ways to enhance the experience of visitors to the area.

For the Trust to be successful they need the active participation of members eg to form sub-groups to tackle the many projects that the people who live in the area see as being beneficial.


The Trust recognises that not all members will be able to participate actively in the projects but their support will  be very welcome so please consider joining the Trust.

If you wish to become a member of the Kilmuir Community Trust or if you don't stay in the Kilmuir area but support the aims of the trust and wish to register as a Friends of Kilmuir member, please register by clicking the link below to go to the registration page. 

Sub-Group Application:

If you wish to become a member of a Sub-Group click the button below to find out what sub-group projects have been selected as possible projects and more details on the projects and how to apply to join. 

If you are already a Member or Friends of Kilmuir Member and would like to contribute to the Members' Forum ,  please click the contact button and your comments will appear on Members Forum. 

Please note this will not be in real time (yet). 

You can also use the contact button if you just wish to get in touch with the trust.

To view the Members Forum press  

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