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Sub-Group Setup Procedure

  • Select Sub-Group Members

  • Select Office Bearers

    • Chairperson​

    • Minute Secretary

    • Finance Coordinator

    • Team (Including 1 Trustee)

  • Define Project name and purpose

  • Record member list and roles and send to Trust Secretary.

Chairperson Role:-

  • Organise when meetings are held

  • Define Agenda

  • Chair Meetings

  • Agree Project Strategy with team members. 

  • Represent Sub-Group at Trust Meetings on request to give status.



Minute Secretary Role:-

  • Take an accurate minute of each meeting

  • Obtain signoff of completed minute

  • Send minute to Trust Secretary.


Finance Coordinator:-

  • Define with support of team the estimated cost of the project. 

  • Relate the cost to the Trust Treasurer  

  • Along with Trust Treasurer, keep track of individual costs during the term of the project. 

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