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Kilvaxter Souterrain

 In May 2000, after a period of heavy rain, a hole suddenly opened in a field at Kilvaxter, exposing stonework underneath. It was soon established that what lay below was a souterrain. It consists of a 20 metre long trench lined with drystone walling and capped with massive lintel slabs. There is a chamber off to the left just a short way in. The structure is entirely below ground except for its small entrance and a vent at the other end. It is covered with a foot or so of earth.


Over the next few years the site was restored, and in 2006 it was opened to the public.

Given the relative inaccessibility of many of Skye's souterrains, this is a great opportunity for the less intrepid explorer to see one. You will still need to be a wee bit bold to go inside though. It's not a place for those with claustrophobic tendencies. The entrance is a little lower than the rest of the passage, so don't be too put off by it. Even at 2m tall, I can walk, bent forward, without the need to crawl.

A car park has been constructed next to the Kilmuir road  at NG389696. The souterrain is only a few hundred metres across the field from there. There are some information boards provided to help interpretation of the site.

There is usually a torch left by the entrance, but it's best to take your own to be sure. You'll need it inside. A pair of wellies is a good idea if there has been recent rain

souterrain entrance.jpg
souterrain stones.jpg
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