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Dun Skudiburgh

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Dun Skudiburgh (NG374647) is a stone age enclosure in a spectacular defensive position on the west coast of Trotternish. It sits on a precipitously steep-sided hill, some 60m above the shore of Loch Snizort.  

The site consists of a partly vitrified fort overlaid by a dun. A ruined wall of width about 10 feet (3.0 m) encloses an oval area of about 150 feet (46 m) by 120 feet (37 m).


Outside this on the east is a wall about 320 feet (98 m) long, and on the north are two shorter walls. There is an entrance between the outer of these walls and the wall to the east.


It is thought there were at least two phases of construction of the dun: walls of poorer quality have been discerned to the west, south and south-east.

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