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Kilmuir Hall Community Hub

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Creation of a Community Hub:

The Kilmuir Hall already plays an important role in the Kilmuir Community with regular
primary school events, whole community celebrations and regular groups' activities taking place there. But the parish of Kilmuir and Kilmaluag is scattered with no focal point for the community with people having to travel to work, to shop and to socialise.

The development of the hall and the surrounding land will create a hub for community life, a gathering space  and offer other additional facilities to stimulate economic activity and create employment in an area where opportunities are limited. This could potentially attract new families to live in the area, which will have a positive impact on the school roll while also benefitting those in the community at risk of social isolation due to lack of transport.

The Kilmuir Community Trust will take over the running of the hall  in order to make substantive improvements to the building and facilities. A sub-committee under the guidance of the Kilmuir Trust will operate the Community Hub. Our gratitude goes to all those who over the years  have looked after our greatest asset.


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